Sustainable Living


personal consulting

Ages: 13+

- Sleep/Nutrition/Fitness issues
- Body Image issues: self-esteem; confidence
- Awkwardness/Shyness/Fear of communication
- Relationships: parents/peers/authority
- Studying: improving skills/marks/habits
- Figuring out your career path
- Other

Starting at: 25CAD/hour  

university prep 

-What to Really expect (not what they tell you in school)
- How to maximize your marks and success with what you already have
- How to find academic/social/career/leisure balance
- How to start your career now, with the first university year so by the time you graduate you will have 4 years of experience in your field.
- How to get thousands of dollars in scholarships, regardless of grades.

i am /thinking of/ taking a year off

-Am I crazy? Is this a bad idea? Will I never go back? Will I lose momentum? Will I end up broke and uneducated? 
- No matter if you're just thinking of or already taking a year off - we'll put your fears into perspective
- Cost & Benefit analysis that relates directly to you, not a general idea of what is good and bad.
- Your options for the year off:  clarifying what you really want, travelling, volunteering, working, enjoying, building new habits and emerging with a new worldview and √©lan to enter university life with more confidence and certainty. 
- How to leverage your year off into a successful endeavour that will spring you farther forward than  if you were to go straight to school.

i am not good enough (yet) for university

If you have big dreams and bad marks - it's easier to fix than you think. You can transform your marks from barely making it to thriving and get into any university of your choice.
- How to improve your grades significantly in a short period of time
- How to get into a university with bad marks
- How to get into your program of choice with bad marks
- How to graduate sooner and start your career sooner.
- Understand how the university system works and use it to your advantage
- Get thousands of dollars in scholarships regardless of your marks.

Summer Makeover

find and express your best self

Ages: 13+  

One-on-One: each session 1-2 hours

- Take inventory of your life
- Understand yourself and your current state
- Define your values
- Clarify your vision and savour your dreams
- Develop powerful goals, habits, and routines
- Start taking charge of your life and building your ideal lifestyle now
- Understand relationships with peers, parents, and teachers 
- Start earning your own money or increase the amount your currently earn.
- Improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image
- Improve sleep, nutrition, and fitness
- Learn mindfulness and de-stressing techniques
- See for yourself how your new habits and achieved goals have transformed your summer and your idea of what's possible
- Step into the new school year as the best version of yourself: mindful, glowing, goal-oriented, confident, and capable.

Starting at: $25 CAD/hour