Thrive financially now - for teens

You can be a bawse now. Don't wait to graduate. Make Money. Hustle. Design & Build your Life. Thrive. Play.

By the end of the 8 week course you will:

- Start making more than minimum wage
- Get a tax refund even if you haven't worked
- Start saving & thrive
- Design your life, discover your vision, clarify your mission
- Develop healthy money habits for life
- Start building your career - now

Week 1: Introduction -  Start where you are and Design your life

Week 2: Earn more than minimum wage - starting Now & Start your Career Now

Week 3: Saving & Investments: Thrive Financially in the long term and Enjoy the short term

Week 4: Taxes - Be a tax bawse - file your taxes and get a refund Now, even if you don’t work

Week 5: Your Money - Your Power; Vote with your money, make empowered choices, power-up your life and change the world around you.

Week 6: Know Your Rights -  How to speak up for yourself and stand up for your  financial good

Week 7: Credit Cards and Credit History: How to start building your credit and be fluent in credit.

Week 8: Celebration - How far we have come; Awards; Next Steps to take

Price: $600   Special for November: $400





At atelier d'esprit we envision  an unprecedented, intrinsically-driven, powerful youth who prioritize self-care and harmonious relationships, thrive financially and academically, and grow into socially, environmentally, and judicially aware citizens of the world.


Our mission is to offer high quality, immediately effective , life-affirming programs that inspire, empower, and support youth in designing and building their own lives with clarity, purpose, resilience, tremendous courage and thirst for the impossible -all while having incredible adventures and outrageous fun!

Who are atelier d'esprit youth?

People  from 13 - 24 years of age of any gender and social, educational, and emotional background who want to take charge of their lives now.

Atelier d'esprit youth are proactive and seek support and guidance in clarifying their own vision, designing and building their lives, and prospering while at it.

Atelier d’esprit youth recognizes but is not deterred by personal challenges and failures - but celebrates each step in the wild adventure of life as a stepping stone to ever greater success in well-being, relationships, finances, academics, and other awesome endeavours!